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I know you, rider

Catching up with the last couple of days of the sculpture project: Harriet the Invincible herself.

I wasted a day (well, used it to work on my taxes. Ick.) while the white clay, grogged G-mix from Georgies, firmed up to sculpt able consistency--I always forget how sticky porcellanous clays get.

Once I had clay I could actually work with, I started with pinch pots: a long cylindrical one and a shallow bowl end-cap that combined to make an enclosed, potato-like shape. Once it held pressure, I could paddle and reshape it into the tubby body of a hamster in a breastplate. A second pinch pot became the head. A third pinch pot also became the head, as the second one, while adorable, was too damn big. I modeled some short hind legs and attached them next, then tested the fit in the saddle I'd score-and-slipped onto Mumfrey. And I made a sword. Not a magical sword, mind you, just a big heavy hunk of steel suitable for thumping things. Harriet Hamsterbone is not long on subtlety.

Everything was still a little soft, so I draped everything loosely, including the rest of my clay, and called it a night.

The next morning, it was time to arm my warrior. Note the puffy sleeves? She is a princess. I also made a little tiara and set it aside to dry. I'd trim it to shape when it was black-hard (about the consistency of a chocolate bar). And I trimmed and shaped the neck and collar, and installed her head.

Back to the tax software until late afternoon, when it was time to put everything together. Here she is, back in the saddle.