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So, normally when I load the glaze kiln, I go through three stages over the course of the day:

1. Oh God, I don't have enough pots.
2. Oh God, I've got too many pots.
3. Whew! I've got plenty of pots, and in fact have a head start on the next firing.

And I generally wind up with somewhere between six and a dozen ware boards of pots to stash in my space until next time.

So this last time, after producing this:

I ended up with this:

That's right. Two pots. One of them a refire. This is the closest I've ever come to a perfect load in all my years loading kilns.

Just wow.

ETA: Okay, so I found a partial ware board in my space that never made it into the kiln room. Holding three more pots. Still pretty amazing, I think.